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Luxury Taj Mahal Tour

Luxury Taj Mahal Tour Taj Mahal takes you to this marvellous structure. So overwhelming is the exquisite beauty and presence of this marble mausoleum that centuries later today, even the very land where it has been located - Agra - has been immortalised as the City of the Taj. Yet, it doesn't take much for the roving eye to discover that there's more to Agra than just the fabled Taj Mahal Agra Tourism. Taj Mahal Luxury Tours shows you that the city is a virtual gateway to a world of discovery a freeze-frame from a resplendent era that's long since gone by. In the great epic 'Mahabharat' the region of Agra is described as 'Agraban' (an integral part of the Braj Bhumi or the land of Lord Krishna). The latter part of Indian history outlines the origins of Agra to 1475 A.D., when the reign of Raja Badal Singh began

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